a website about how cri... I mean cool of a guy I am... pepe getting his sad dance on bois


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I am just a man. Working the 9 to 5. Trying to freaking survive. Late night shifts have me sleepy. Working until the morning is trippy. The whole world asleep while I am awake. Makes me feel some type of way. What fun things will they do during the day while I sleep. Hopefully my family dosnt make to many peeps while I try to sleep. That shits annoying. I wish I wasnt so boring. But maybe if I could function in regular society. I could be awake with the sun as well.

Today I felt some type of way as I was reflecting on the things that I consider to be important in my life and all of the adventures that I have had along the way.

cringe sonic

Sometimes I definetly feel like the 3rd shift overnight 9 to 5 is the better grind of the 3 shift work grinds. Its more peacful and even if you live in a big city it makes it slow paced like a small town. Lack of sleep be damned. Each night and each morning as an overnight shift worker I beat the sun at its game. Then I get to chill on my off nights and play video games with my friends its pretty freaking nice.